The Scenic and Historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Martinsburg, West Virginia

Martinsburg is the largest city in West Virginia's Eastern Panhandle and is the county seat of Berkeley County. The first United States post office was established at Martinsburg in 1792.

The Baltimore and Ohio Railroad reached Martinsburg in 1842 and the city became a center for the railroad industry and its workers. In June 1861, Civil War Confederate General Stonewall Jackson destroyed railroad cars at the Martinsburg B&O Railroad complex and commandeered the stean locomotives, dragging them overland through Winchester and Strasburg, Virginia, and onward to the south. The B&O Roundhouse, with its cast iron frame structure, remains a major architectural attraction in the city.

Fairs, festivals, art galleries, historic sites and recreational activities are scheduled there year round. Aspen Hall, a Georgian mansion built in 1745, is the oldest house in the city and reflects the city’s cultural heritage. Many of the wealthy residents of Aspen Hall  played key roles in the agricultural, religious, transportation, and political history of the region.

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