The Scenic and Historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Bridgewater, Virginia

Bridgewater, Virginia was established in the 1740s.  It is the home of Bridgewater College, a private liberal arts institution. The town has nearly 6000 residents.

Bridgewater is located on the southern border of Rockingham County, and is about 5 miles southwest of the county seat of Harrisonburg.  The scenic and historic Rte. 42 goes through the heart of the town.  It is located less than two miles from Historic US Rte. 11 and Interstate 81.  It is also a mid-point between the metro areas of Washington D.C. and Richmond; both within a 2.5 hour drive.

The origin of the town's name was derived from it's close proximity to the North River, and the bridge that was built over the river after the town was settled.  It's location, convenient to several major transportation routes, established Bridgewater as a trading town in the 1800s.

Bridgewater is home to several golf courses, wineries and a number of parks which serve as venues for the town's annual Concerts in the Park series.  The town in known for it's wide streets, which are convenient for bike riding and walking tours through the downtown area.


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