The Scenic and Historic Shenandoah Valley of Virginia

Boyce, Virginia

The town of Boyce was established in 1881. It was a Shenandoah Valley Railroad town at first, then incorporated in 1910. Itwas named after Colonel Upton L. Boyce. He's the one that convinced the railroad to build a line through Clarke County.

Today, the Boyce Railroad Station is a historic landmark, and now it's the Norfolk & Western Railway that passes through the center of town. According to local lore, the citizens of Boyce wanted a larger, more ornate building and also wanted it to be located on the east side of the tracks. So they raised the funds to build the larger station where they wanted it to be.

The Burwell-Morgan Mill is one of the oldest, most original operational grist mills in the country. It's located in nearby Millwood. South of Boyce, along US Route 50, the State Arboretum of Virginia featuring a very large collection of native trees and shrubs.

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